Daash shave beards, wear crosses and their goal hit targets in Europe

organization “Daash” Issued booklet is intended for those who want to carry out individual attacks in Britain, the booklet called “Safety and Security Guidelines for the individual Mujahideen “, offers tips by the organization to its components on the expected setting levels of those who wish to carry out attacks in Europe.

Theare are Tips in the brochure for the elements of the organization in Europe, to do camouflage things do not catch the eye, like shave beard and styling hair with the latest fashion, and not to pray in mosques or carrying tooth brushing and avoid talking by known Muslim words,and wear crosses, and the acquisition of the gold rings and wearing a watch in the left hand, and put alcoholic perfume.

In addition, the booklet is made of 58 pages, and the front cover carries image of Western fashioned buildings burn,and it focuses on the importance of the element of surprise when launching attacks, so as to leave the maximum effect, as it incites” jihadists “to launch attacks to Nightclubs, filled with loud music and drunks,” where organization sees the better places for its operations without being Note its elements, and the booklet stressed in his instructions to the members of the organization “the need to disguise in the Western way of life, and to avoid appearing as a Muslim, so as to stay away from the radar security services, it has been translated into English for those who live in the West, nor speak Arabic”.

According to the introduction to the booklet: “There is no doubt, that today, in the era of individual attacks, the brothers in the West needs to know some important things about safety, so as to ensure success in their operations, we thought that the brothers non-Arabs may find this interesting booklet, and they could apply It in their blessed operations”.

On the other hand, the booklet also gives tips on how to control government buildings before the attacks to ensure the greatest number of casualties, and the best way to control the “army general” or “public figure” for the assassination.

Source (( Agency Asia )).

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