British Site Middle East Aye “John Kerry” charges “Syrian opposition” responsibility for the failure of Geneva

A report in the British “Middle East Aye” location expose that John Kerry, chargeed (the Syrian opposition) responsibility of the peace process fail, and warned that the Geneva talks failure means continuation of the bombing for three months until to “annihilate” the opposition, report says, according to “Arabic 21,” after a few hours of the collapse of the Geneva talks, John Kerry told relief and humanitarian aid workers who are linked to Syria that the country can expect a further three months of bombardment who will “perish” armed opposition.

During a dialogue on the sidelines of the donors’ conference in London this week, and according to what some sources reported, Kerry blamed to the Syrian opposition and charge it responsibility for its withdrawal from the talks to pave the way for a military operation launched by the Syrian army and its allies on the Aleppo countryside, and according to what was said to the site “Middle East Aye, by “an activist in the field of relief, asked for anonymity to protect the organization which she operate in it, Kerry said, and I quote:” Do not blame me – just go and blame on the opposition, “the report said Kerry told reporters that Russia and Iran, both allies of the Syrian state, told him that they are willing to work on a cease-fire in Syria.

And tow syrian activist working in the field of relief said, they closed to Kerry during a reception ceremony on the sidelines of the donors’ conference in London, and they toled him that he does not enough to protect Syrian civilians,so he told them that they must blame opposition, one of these two activists said, which she also condition of anonymity: “Kerry has said clearly that the opposition did not want to negotiate, and did not want a cease-fire, and it turned its back and pulled out,” and this activist aded that Kerry said to them: “What do you want me to I do? I go war against Russia? is this what do you wont from me.? “.

  • Source (( Alalam channel )).

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