“New York Times” Syria has become a reproach to Washington, but Putin’s victory

US “New York Times” newspaper, considerd that Russian President Vladimir Putin has made virtuall victory in Syria and it has become possible because of “inability and dispersion,”of US President Barack Obama’s administration, which has made Syria “bloody graveyard to American beliefs,” The paper pointed that “Putin’s policy in Syria is clear enough, and it is summarized in strengthening position of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government and to continue of bombing opposition sites even surrender and cut off any attempts by the West to change the system by using the diplomacy “chatter” in Geneva, and to prevent change the situation in Syria”.

The newspaper pointed to the city of Aleppo, which became fully surrounded by government forces, pointing out that “the city of Aleppo is now in isolation, and the reason for that is dispersion of Obama administration,” and it stated that “repeated statements by the United States government, which says that Syria is not an essential element in the national interests of the United States,and it should avoid in any way any new war in the Middle East led to the transformation of American politics to the policy followed by Putin, and to tacit consent of Moscow goal and by low price it would defeat Daash too”.

And it pointed out that “the Syrian torment” for Obama is produced terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, and it significantly contributed to the possible collapse for “nucleus” of the European Union, which its members back to the control of national borders because of the refugee crisis, and it stressed that Syria has become a “disgrace “the Obama administration and the failure size covers all the achievements made by the President in the internal politics, Syria has become a” bloody graveyard to American beliefs. “

And considered it “too late to wait for any changes in Obama’s policy in Syria, however, United States can increase the number of Syrian refugees in it to loosen crisis in Europe by any way”, noting that ” if we allow fear to dictate policies, terrorists will win, while for Putin, he has actually triumphed in Syria”.

  • Source (( TV.RT ))

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