Beware deceptive appearances

it was in the era of Prophet Sulaiman peace be upon him a thirsty bird was looking for water to narrate its thirst, he saw a pool of water by women and children so that bird wait these go even come down and narrate its thirst for fear of children hit it by a stone or other, and is only moments, women and children departed, In the meantime, bearded man has dignity and the effects of goodness came, meaning that the pool of water and then the bird looked at him and said it appears that this man is sedate and implications of goodness on he and His big beard if I went down, and I drank water he will not hurt me and secure his wickedness, the bird went down and when he began to drink the water stone gouge his eye so he run away, and he went to complain to the prophet of God Sulaiman because he knew the logic of birds . the bird told its story to Solomon, peace be upon him and so prophet of God Sulaiman ordered his soldiers to bring this man and judge him before the bird, so the soldiers brought the man and God’s prophet Suleiman asked him Why did you gouge eye of the bird  whether you need it, The man said no, Sulaiman peace be upon him sentenced to gouge out his eye, as he did with the bird, then the bird spoke and said to prophet of God Sulaiman, Prophet of God, I ask you: do not gouge his eye, but cut his beard because it deceived me and decoy me by safe!!

How many children are slaughtered and bloods is Shed by people of the beards who are far from Islam.

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