Patience Lengthens Life and Keeps the Grave Away

A scientific research shows that the body’s DNA ages more quickly in people who are impatient, The finding comes from researchers in Singapore who put more than 1,000 healthy students through a test of patience . This involved a game in which they told they could either be given a gift of $100 the next day or wait a month for larger amount.

They were then asked how much this would need to be for it to be worth waiting for. The more money a volunteer said they would need wait, the less patient they were deemed to be.

The volunteers also gave blood samples which provided clues to how quickly they were ageing.

The researchers zeroed in on tiny structures called telomeres. These are biological caps which are found at the ends of chromosomes and protect the DNA in them from damage

As we get older, our telomeres get shorter and shorter, leading to DNA becoming damaged and raising the odds of age-related illness.

Now, research has shown there to be a clear link between shorter telomeres and impatience. And the researchers have found that people who are impatient , the telomeres in them will increasingly shorten.

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