Russia aims knockdown to Turkish economy

Relations between Moscow and Ankara has taken a new turn, with “Gazprom” reduced supplies gas to Turkey about a quarter after  its failing to reached deal with Turks importers about the provided rebate by the price of gas.

Russian gas supplies retracted across of Russian gas pipeline “Balkan line”, which transports about 50% of Russia’s gas exports to Turkey increased by 23% since the beginning of this month.

the Russian newspaper “Kommersant” Attributed this decline to a dispute over prices between “Gazprom” and importers from the private sector in Turkey, the newspaper said, quoting from a Russian source said that “Gazprom” halted work with rebate since the beginning of this year, so importers Turks had to pay for gas supplier in the month of last January in accordance with the price of gas without deduction, but they pay based on the discounted prices, and as a result it “Gazprom” has reduced size of Supplies to Turkey.

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