PC with speed of light and faster 100 million times than the normal PC

Researchers used graphene material for manufacturing chip of lens . It disconnects the photons of light, and its thickness amounts 300 times  which is thinner than paper and weighs only (1) micro gram (0.001 gram), and it  allows with the development  of  an optical computer that processes the data speed of light, where researchers at University ” Swinburne “of technology in Australia enabled from manufacturing the lens by using graphene oxide.  This makes it cheaper in processes of manufacturing as well as its  features by  power, flexibility and easiness of production and  it will be for these manufactured lenses of graphene benefits in  the medical researches and the  medical imaging, both those that use infrared, or even thermal imaging. Based on this achievement Google Inc and the  US Space Agency (NASA ) announced that they are collaborating to produce “the fastest computer in the world”. It  will work at lightning speed,  and it is faster 100 million times than  the normal computer.

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