US Intelligence Official Graham Fuller: Addressing Erdogan: ” Accept your defeat in Syria “

The former official at the CIA, “Graham Fuller,” said that the Turkish leadership has to face the truth “face to face” because the Syrian president “Bashar al-Assad” will not give up, and he asserts that Erdogan personal interests do not coincide with the Turkish national interests.

In this regard, Fuller wrote on analyzing the status quo: “What should Turkey do to overcome the failure of one of the worst policies in the modern history of Turkey”?

According to Fuller, Erdogan’s ” Assad should leave” plan was unsuccessful in the end, and Ankara should join the efforts of the world’s major powers to establish peace in Syria. He stressed that instead of adding fuel to the fire by provoking “Islamists”, the Turkish leadership should be wiser and fight all sectarian strives plaguing the Middle East.

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