Financial Times : America Has Burnt Its Regional and Local Allies in Syria

The British Newspaper” Financial Times”  has said in a report  that ” the cessation  of  hostile activities ”  entry into force in Syria has slowed  down  the pace of  bloodbath there, but it has kept a mixture of conflict zones across the country, and that will be  enough  for the US government which is keen to push for a settlement of conflict and to avoid  further involvement  in it.

Emile Hakim, from the International  Institute of  Strategic Studies and  a very  harsh critic of  the US  efforts in Syria, has spoken  that what happens  in Syria is not a cessation of hostile  activities  ,but a curtailment  of  it. He added that this  situation creates a very unequal new Syria, in which  some  pro-regime areas will be rewarded, whereas other areas controlled  by the opposition will struggle to survive. He  pointed out that , according to the recent events, the US has burnt  its regional  and local  allies  in Syria.

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