NASA” discover oldest and farther galaxy from the earth”

A team of astronomers discovered oldest and farther galaxy at all from the land by using the space observatory in US space agency, “NASA” Hubble, the team of scientists said that discovered galaxy away from the Earth is 13.4 billion light-years, and is dubbed “JN-Z-11”.

They explained it is made up of the Constellation Stars and it was among the first galaxies that formed in the universe following the Big Bang, before 400 million years, and astronomer Pascal Ooesic said “We have come back a great step in time to the back, and and more than what we expected at all and more than capabilities of Hubble. For his part, the scientist of astronomy, “Ivo Labbe” said: discovery of The galaxy “LG N-Z-11” shows for a person that the human’s knowledge about the early days of the formation of the universe is still limited, adding, “We are probably looking at the first generation of stars that formed around the black holes”.

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