Ibn Sina and impostors Islam

Ibn Sina in describing the Islamists: we have Plagued by a people think that God did not guide others, calling for people to heaven as they are unable to invite an orphan to the dining table, calling for people to paradise and their homes are filled with beggars and who is cleaning shoes. Fools the country and bandits.

They took money earth and entail sky house !! who is your lord!! What is your religion!!. lengthen beard, I shorten dress ,I wear the turban and then paradise.

Ibn Sina was scientist and a philosopher and a doctor and a poet, and he has been titled of Sheikh president and the third teacher after Aristotle and al-Farabi. Also known as “the prince of doctors ” and “Aristotle Islam,” was ahead of its time in many intellectual fields, and image of Ibn Sina still adorn major hall in Faculty of medicine in “Paris” University so far; in recognition of his knowledge and recognition thanks and preceded to him and over the centuries Ibn Sina has received the appreciation and respect scientists and researchers, but in our time where Ibn Sina is exposed to expiation by Wahhabis are accused by them of atheism and heresy.

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