Le Monde : Russia became a superpower after its success in Syria

The French newspaper “Le Monde” confirmed that the Russian operation in Syria has achieved the desired success of the Kremlin, and Russia with its accomplished has proven itself as a major player in the international arena, Russia has been able to compel the whole world to listen to its view and taking into account its national interests, the newspaper reported that Russia celebrated shortly before the two events namely the return of its force from Syria after the successful completion of its operation there and anniversary of the return of Crimea to the strength of the Russian state.

The paper considers that the first event has garlanded victory spelled out so the second seems a little less of it, but overall  the two events gives the Russian audience a sense of pride after the restoration of the Russian state to its prestige and ability, and this new reality appeared to continue a long and on the West ofcourse, will have be taken it into account.

The paper stresses that the Russian operation in Syria was a standing success achieved by the Kremlin and it was well as a wonderful publicity for Russia’s defense industry.

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