Russian Specialists Innovate a Mean to Stop the Online Recruitment Process of Youth Carried Out by ISIS

Russian software specialists announced that they have found an effective method to stop ISIS from recruiting young people online. The program created by the Studies Center of “legitimacy and political protest” works through the analysis of the most famous social networking sites in Russia, to identify the distributors of specific information and the most active users in this filed, within a duration of about one hour. The director of this center, “Yevgeny Vinedictov” said that there are users who are hiding their connection with “ISIS”, and who are promoting the ideas of the organization, including through pages they open in the sites mentioned for this purpose in particular. Vinedictov said that the center has been able thanks to this program, to contact a number of the terrorist organization’s activists, adding that “they can explain how to join ISIS”.

Programmers working at the center are currently refining the search process in order to make it able to identify all the parts in the chains that carry information related to “ISIS” in the network, for the detecting of the main sources in those chains.

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