New York Times” Washington and Riyadh relations is increasingly fragile “

New York Times” published an article entitled “Presidential rebuke to the Saudis,” in which stressed that criticism from Obama to the leadership of Saudi is one of the rare cases in which the US president points criticism publicly to a friendly country.

And it pointed out that Obama has long been considered Saudi and other Arab countries repressive societies depends on the interpretation of Islam as a stringent and extremist, also considered that the partnership between Riyadh and Washington increasingly fragile, a partnership is dating back to before the decades were the result of hostility toward the Soviet Union and the American dependence on Saudi oil.

“New York Times” also drew that Obama is pushing the debate about US-Saudi relations to the public after it was carried on behind the scenes, but it wondered at the same time whether Washington can do something to encourage Saudis to carry out real reforms.

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