Syria before 5 years

Five years ago … Syria  was  the  second  in the world in the production of cotton, it was the third globally in the production of olives .Syria was the first  in the Arab world in the  production of wheat. The total tourists who visited Syria in / 2010 / were four millions and six hundred thousand, the level of unemployment, according to the United Nations was 8%. Syria was the fourth globally  and  the  first  in the Arab world in  the security and safety level  -. It  was the first in the  Arab world  in the  food security. It  was the first  in the  Arab  world in the  scientific research. It was the first in the  Arab world  in the industry and it contains  the  (3) largest industrial cities in the Middle East. Syria was the first globally in the  coexistence. The sons of the desert  came with the canon of terrorism in order to give it  freedom stained with  the blood, dyed with  the canon of the desert, announced jihad of  marriage, and destroyed everything beautiful in it.

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