Argumenty Nedeli : The West has Lost Interest in Wars After the Syria Model

The Newspaper “Argumenty Nedeli” considered that the west has lost interest in wars after the Syria model and pointed to a clear shift in the viewpoints of the western analysts, citing a stirring comment in an article published by Wall Street Journal titled Learn from Putin, by which it advises the next US president to learn a lesson from the Russian wars in Syria.  The Russian Newspaper indicated that the pieces of advice of its American counterpart are based on an old statement by “Vladimir Lenin” in which he assured that “mastery of war arts can only be achieved through real battles.” 

Argumenty Nedeli added that if the issue was taken more seriously, it would be clear that the Americans are facing great difficulties, Where the White House is struggling to fend off the criticism with which it is being bombarded, and which is met with repercussions in Washington, the thing that induced the American newspaper and its analysts to give advice to the next US president and to study the Russian experience in Syria more carefully.

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