American Media Describes Al-Saud as The Royal Scum

The American Newspaper “Daily News” has published an image of the Saudi king, “Salman son of Abdul Aziz”, with an image of the World Trade Center’s twin towers in Manhattan, which were targeted in the September 11 attacks on its background and  the caption: “The Royal Scum” in a reference to the Saudi Arabia’s assets in the United States.

In the same context, “New York Times” Newspaper reported that Saudi Arabia has threatened to sell all its assets in the USA if the US Congress agrees to pass a law that allows punishing Saudi officials for September 11, 2001 attacks.

The Newspaper stated that Saudi Arabia has informed the US administration that it would sell about 750 billion dollars of its US assets, and that in case the US congress passed a law that would consider the Saudi authorities to be responsible for any role in the September 11th  attacks before the US courts.

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