Daily Telegraph “Daash” lost 25 thousand elements and 30 percent of its income

The newspaper of “The Daily Telegraph” published a subject  entitled “The organization of Daash loses 30 percent of its income due to shrinking of the territories controlled by it,” adding that “returns of the organization which controls on vast areas in both Syria and Iraq have retreated the past year due to its  losing several areas were under its control in the past year.

The newspaper pointed out that the organization lost its revenues from the  taxes that were imposing in those areas, so the organization of  “Daash” imposed new taxes in areas which are  under its control to reduce the size of its losses.

The paper says that the monthly proceeds of organization declined from 80 million dollars in April 2015 to 54 million dollars in the same month of this year, and it adds that the number of people in the areas  of organization retreated from about 9 million at the  beginning of 2015  to less than (6) million currently after it lost the control on areas in Iraq and Syria.

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