De Standard of Belgium new threats will storm with Europe

The Belgian chairman of coordination device for analyzing  the terrorist threats “OCAD”, Paul van Tekhelt, confirmed that “there are strong indications that” Daash “still sends more of its fighters to the  European capitals to launch new terrorist attacks similar to what two capitals: French” Paris “and the Belgian “Brussels experienced.

“van Tekhelt” continued, “it is true that the judicial investigations in the terrorist attacks that hit Paris and Brussels have hurt a lot of terrorist cells that were behind the attacks, but the danger is not over yet, and we still have too much to do, because we have many strong indicators that confirm that ” Daash” still strives to send more of fighters to Belgium, and other European capitals. “

Van Tekhelt” also noted that “Europe remains the most important goal for” Daash “, where the  evidences grow every day that” Daash “sends more of terrorists to the European capitals.”

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