NASA Human beings misrepresented the Earth’s axis to the east

A new study conducted by the American space agency, “NASA” revealed that the melting of  ice caused by climatic changes led to a deviation of the Earth’s rotation axis. According to an article published by Science Advances magazine)), the global warming caused deviation of the Earth’s axis towards the east since 2000. Since 2000 the Earth’s axis began to  head  east.

And previously the North Pole was moving west towards Canada, where it  scored a deviation up to 12 meters in 115 years since the start of monitoring the weather on  the Earth. But since (2000), the Earth’s axis began to change its direction towards the east at about 17 centimeters per year .

Experts believe that such a rapid deviation of the Earth’s axis may be due to the change in the balance between the glacier and the water on the ground due to the melting of ice in the Antarctic and Greenland and elsewhere because of human activity in the first class.

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