Obama for BBC” wrong to send ground forces into Syria to overthrow the government in it”

“Barack Obama” Sprinkles more salt on the Syrian opposition injury and their backers in Saudi, Turkey and the Gulf states, when he emphasized in an interview with the station British( BBC) Television, it would be “a mistake” sending ground troops to Syria to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, and that all is what his country can exert pressure on the parties in the Syrian arena to sit down at the negotiating table, and he reiterated “that a military solution alone will not be allowed to dissolve the problems in the long term in Syria”.

The seriousness of the That word “Obama” comes from being came after a visit to Riyadh, and the most prominent title of his talks was Syrian file, and anger of Gulf for non-American military intervention, and stronger in this file, and perhaps Obama wanted this, to respond to disregard the Saudi king when he insult him intentionally by not to receive him at the airport, like other Gulf leaders who had arrived on the same day to Riyadh.

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