Ninth supposed planet could destroy the solar system

Spaniards and Britons astronomers warned of the risk exposure of the solar system destroyed by the attractiveness of ninth assumed Planet X in the solar system, and the site deployment an article reviewed the research prepared by a team of scientists they took to study the effect of the ninth planet on the objects beyond Neptune, by mathematical modeling to movement of five planets and small size bodies which their orbit lies beyond the orbit of Neptune.

The study results showed that the case of two bodies will remain stable, while the orbits of the other three bodies do not maintain on the stability to become subject to change under external influence, which could lead to expulsion from the solar system, thus changing the balance between all the bodies.

It should be noted that the two scientists”Michael Brown” and “Constantine Batigain” from the California Institute of Technology, who had discovered the existence of the ninth planet (X), the researchers considered that the orbit of the ninth planet, who its mass drew up ten times Earth’s mass, is located after the orbit of Neptune and its rotation era around the sun range between 15 and 20 million years.

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