Erdogan ranked first globally in the “exposure to an insult

Spanish Newspaper “Arehlichaon de Iberdad” said that Turkish President Erdogan is the most insulting president in the world, since his election in August 2014, has raised (1845) lawsuits charges of insult, and now has spread his judicial problems to Europe, the newspaper pointed out that Erdogan held hostage by European leaders, because threatens to break the recent agreement between Turkey and the European Union on the refugees, according to Ankara pledged to return thousands of refugees for money in addition to promises of progress in talks to enter the Union, and the granting of Turkish Visa entitling them to visit the Schengen area The newspaper pointed out that Erdogan is considered uncomfortable friend for Europe mainly, noting that there is a law of Germany for the year (1871) was being used to silence critics of the opponents of the state, and now it is used with Erdogan crudely by the German comedian who mocked Erdogan.

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