Scientists are approaching to eliminate on sterility forever

Scientists from the Institute of Valencia reached to the discovery may contribute in solving the problem of sterility, after the success of the process of creating sperms in mice able to fertilize an egg after integrating the skin cells with a combination of genes.

And these tests which  will conduct for humans depend on the previous results where mice skin cells  were used to create sperms in the laboratory and the process culminated successfully, and through experiments on mice  the experts were able to transform the skin cells to become germ cells within a month, which can develop into sperms .These sperms able to  fertilize an egg. The team of doctors was able to convert the  existing stem cells in the skin of mice into sperms, after adding a combination of hormones and chemical materials and natural cells in testicular into embryonic stem cells.

Scientist  contributed in this discovery showed that “synthetic sperms succeed in fertilizing eggs of mice females and contributed in birthing new embryos enjoying good health.”

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