Microsoft stores its data in a way reserving them 10 thousand years

“Microsoft” announced that it had bought 10 million of DNA molecules  which recorded in the laboratory in order to search the possibility of use in storing the vast amount of information held by the American giant company.

Unlike the methods of usual  storage such as hard disks and technology of  “Blu-ray”, the made DNA molecules remain valid for use for a period ranging between a thousand and 10 thousand years, and “Microsoft estimated that ” a cube millimeter of DNA can store “exabytes” of data, it means  one billion ” GB. “

The company said in a press statement: ”  Considering to continue our data in the  expansion to double fold, we want a new safe way to save the data for a long time.” The company pointed to the success of the test to store data on the  “DNA” bar and retrieved them  at a later time, after continuous experiments since (2012 ).

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