The sunday times Daash published list of assassinations of US soldiers

British newspaper of The Sunday Times published a report which says that a group of cyber-pirates belonging to the “Islamic state” has published ” a list of assassinations ” including  dozens of names for US soldiers . It is  alleging their involvement  to direct air strikes against the  militants of  organization in Syria and Iraq.

The group calls itself the “Department of electronic piracy in the Islamic state.” It has been distributed on the Internet the names and addresses of the houses and pictures of more than 70 US soldiers including women.

The report says that  the department of electronic piracy was in the past under the leadership of “Junaid Hussein, “and he is  a former electronic pirate from ” British city  of Birmingham .He was killed in a US raid with drone in Syria in last  August, after they discovered that he  coordinates to carry out a series of attacks In the west.

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