inventing a cheap laser devices by a printer

Scientists from France and Hungary made cheap laser devices to the point  they  can be accessible of  everyone by a conventional printer. Researchers from the Microelectronics Center in French “Provence” region say that the cheap price and ease of production  to segments of these devices are the most important advantages of this invention.

And laser devices work based on the principle of intensification of light, as a rule the Tonic center  is made of inorganic materials such as glass and various crystals or semi-conductive materials to an electrical current on the basis of “Gallium “.

This and a laser uses in the electronic and optical devices on a large scale, while the organic laser devices that use organic pigments as tonic materials, they are not widespread because of the erosion of dyes quickly. however, scientists believe that these devices are very promising because of the price of a cheap and their ability to radiate of light in a wide range of  its wavelength. 

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