The Guardian Britain has a secret press office to support the terrorists in Syria

The British newspaper of “The Guardian” revealed that contractors with the British government are running effectively the press office of the opposition fighters, but they are hiding any relation of the United Kingdom. And the newspaper said that the British government is waging information warfare in Syria by funding media campaigns for some of the groups called them (the rebels) and this commitment to what David Cameron called a “propaganda war” against “Daash.”

The campaign aims to promote the reputation of what the British government calls “moderate armed opposition”, and it is complex and variable alliance from  the armed factions. The report stated that the determination in any factions deserving support is risky for the British government, because many groups have tended “and increasingly” to  the extremism during the five years of war. The report said that the role of government is often hidden in foreign and local campaigns, where the slogan of “independent groups” are put such as community-based organizations in the United Kingdom.

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