Politico Obama Acknowledges the Superiority of Putin in the Middle East

“Politico” magazine reported that the military operations carried out by the Russian Aerospace forces in Syria has changed the balance of power in the Middle East, and that despite the great efforts exerted by the United States over many years in the Middle East, the leaders of the Region’s States began to listen to Moscow and approach it. “Dennis Ross”, the political analyst for the magazine, says that the US militants in the region outnumber the Russians. As the United States has (35) thousand soldiers and hundreds of aircrafts in the region. While Russia has (2000) soldiers and (50) planes no more. However, the leaders of the countries in the region are visiting Moscow to meet Putin, while they are not rushing to go to Washington.

“Politico” magazine indicates that “the Russian military intervention in Syria has reversed the situation, contrary to the expectations of Obama, what led to the enhancement of Russia’s positions in the world with no remarkable costs.”

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