? America and China .. who devours the other

Political observer “Dmitry Kosyrev,”  wrote to (RT), an article ,he  says that the citizens of China employed and invested in the US real estate market (110) billion dollars, and in this way the Chinese occupied the first place in this indicator. In a report prepared by the real estate company of  “Rosen Consulting Group” that the Chinese buyer usually prefers to buy in the United States where it is expected that  the Chinese investment of up to 218 billion dollars. The Americans look at this Chinese rush as  kind of grief, for example,  the presidential candidate Donald Trump is berating constantly  the Chinese and accuse them of “sucking the blood” of the US economy, and newspaper of  Washington Post accuses the Chinese of depriving Americans of thousands of jobs. It is known that the US Treasury is  condemnable  to  China largely because the latter is buying  actively  the US government bonds and striking that US obligations are  secured by real estate, and if America can not make commitments to the Chinese side  , this  would mean that  the party receives pledged article “it means  real estate.”

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