NATO’s Spear” is Unable to Penetrate the Russian Bear’s Fur”

The fierce media campaign against Russia in NATO countries is increasingly accelerating, where the NATO has decided to establish a military organization under the name of “Spearhead Force” It includes forces the total number of which is 30 – 40 thousand soldiers, in addition to the “initiative” forces that include five thousand soldiers who must be able to deploy within 48 hours.

However, the “Spearhead” does not seem terrifying and dreadful compared to the Russian armed arsenal in Kaliningrad Province, according to the European Newspaper “Financial Times.” One of NATO generals has admitted in an interview with the newspaper, saying  “yes, there is a Russian city on the Baltic coast which can mix and confuse the directions of ” NATO spears” directed against Russia”.

One of them said, “when trying to deploy NATO ‘s rapid deployment forces on the east of the Oder River, they will be defeated even before they attempt to fight. In fact, in Kaliningrad region, there are three brigades which are fully equipped elite, and the best missile air defense systems in the world, “S-400,” and ballistic missile complexes of the model “Alexander-M” also take shifts in Konigsberg. NATO’s senior leadership understands very well that any military unit will not survive the Russian crushing strike.

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