medieval scholars between thought and expiation

In (1592) the Catholic Church jailed scholar and thinker and Italian philosopher “Giordano Bruno” for a period of 8 years, where he was accused of heresy because he was believed that the sun is the solar system center and the Stars are other suns but far and planets like Earth and Venus revolves around some it and when Giordano refused to waive his ideas the Church in year (1600) cut off his tongue and then it executed him by burning on charges of blasphemy.

Thus, if all of the “Copernicus” and “Galileo” and “Einstein” and “Newton” and all scientists of previous and present centuries, have contented with all of them to monitor every phenomenon without questioning the reasons for their occurrence, and believe that everything around us only happens because there is a driving divine power, then whole laws hasn’t been discovered and our worlds were still crawling around in darkness of ignorance and superstition without the need for knowledge and development..

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