Russian and European scientists deny magnetic theory of Earth

An international team of European and Russian scientists denied magnetic theory of Earth and constitution of its magnetic field, which US scientists had put forward earlier.

The two scientists, “Ronald Quinn” and” Ban Jean ” from Carnegie University in Washington and the  researcher “Christian Haoulih” from New Jersey University have published in the last January / in American Scientific journal of  “Nature”  article, they came in it with the results of computer research that emphasize the classical theory to form the Earth’s magnetic field. It is limiting in that  thermal transformations occur in the nucleus of the ground, then they  constitute a source of the magnetic fields in our planet.

But a team of European scientists, including the Swedish ” Linciubing” and Slovenian “Joseph Stefan” and Russian “Igor Abrikosov,” found a miscalculation that Americans work, the US researchers agreed on scientific arguments put forward by European scientists that said the  thermal transitions can not generate Earth’s magnetic field, and controversy still exists in this area.

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