Financial Times Erdogan and Autocracy

The “Financial Times” described “Erdogan” as a tyrannical leader and stated that he reached power after his promise to break the grip of the secular establishment in the country and to create a democratic model in the Islamic world. However, 14 years later, Erdogan was able to tame Turkey, tighten the grip on the media and demonstrators and get rid of his rivals”.

The Newspaper saw that Erdogan must think carefully about his legacy. Today, he endangers subjecting everything else to autocracy, and thus, going back in time”. 

Erdogan attacked the Western countries saying that they take care of animals and gays more than taking care of those who resort to them for help, accusing the West of having the enslaver and the colonizer way of thinking. Erdogan’s attack against Western countries comes after the EU asked Turkey to amend its terrorism combat laws as a condition to get a visa waiver to Europe for its citizens.

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