Daily Telegraph: Turkey is Responsible for the importing Thousands of Terrorists to Syria

British Newspaper “Daily Telegraph” reported that the so called “Trad Mohammed al-Jerabh” who holds the Iraqi and Saudi nationalities, aged 37 years old, has arranged the entry of more than 6 thousand terrorists to Syria during the past two years, in coordination with the Turkish authorities. Records showed that one-third of the foreign terrorists who joined the ranks of the organization between 2013 and 2015 the number of whom is about 18 thousand, had the name of “Al-Jerabh”  written in their application, who is called “the border official.” records also pointed out that “Al-Jerabh” has helped many of the terrorists who carried out the bombings in Paris, to enter  and exit Syria in order to implement terrorist operations. They added that most of the smuggling operations under the supervision of “Jerabh” took place through the two border points cities Izaz and Jarablos in coordination with the Turkish side.

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