USA Discloses the “Hidden” .. and Threatens Saudi Arabia

Based on what is known as the “hidden pages”, the US Congress passed a resolution allowing the families of American victims to sue Saudi Arabia who holds the responsibility for the bombings of September 2001. This decision condemns and threatens Saudi Arabia and where the financial compensations ordered by US courts  can equal the deposits and bonds owned by Saudi Arabia in America. This  exposes Saudi Arabia to financial bankruptcy, and thus the collapse of the Saudi economic system in addition to it being flagged as a “terrorist state”, what exposes it to political, economic and financial sanctions and the accusing of its officials  to have committed crimes against humanity which puts them under legal pursuit to be tried in the International Criminal Court, or a special court. This begs the question: Why did America hide the information that condemns Saudi officials for 15 years?  And why does it reveal the information today or threatens to reveal it? Is It going to reveal the truth or is it a attempt of blackmail after failing in Syria, Iraq and Yemen? Whatever the outcome is, what will happen to Al Saud is an inevitable consequence to all the agents and tools of America in the region.

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