The discovery of” smell of death” of the human and pig

Belgian scientists can identify seven chemical formulations forming of them  the gases emitted by bodies of human and pigs after a period of exposure to the decomposition. The pungent smell that was discovered through a lotion called “smell of death”. It  is expected to improve the police dogs`  ability to detect  the buried bodies according to the views of scientists. Where the scientists examined the remains of six people and 26 animals, including pig, fish, birds and other mammals where they collected gases that accumulated around the remains in the first time after passage of 9 months and in the second time after passage of  12 months of the chemical decomposition. And they  reached that after passage of nine months from  the decomposition, eight chemical formulations formed in the air near these bodies and after passage of (12) months, (7) chemical formulations formed near bodies of  human and pork only. This is what scientists brought to the discovery of the smell that characterizes bodies of  human and pig from the rest of the organisms. Since the identification on the smell of corpses will help  the trained police dogs to detect  the  bodies.

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