Genetic Stupidity


A group of scientists put five monkeys in a cage. In the middle of the cage, there is a ladder. At the top of the ladder, there are some bananas. Every time a monkey goes up to take the bananas, scientists spray the rest of the monkeys with boiling water.   

Soon after, any monkey that tried to climb in order to take the bananas, was prevented and beaten by other monkeys so that they won’t be sprayed with water. After a while, no monkey dared to climb the ladder to take the bananas. The scientists have then decided to replace one of the five monkeys with a new one. The first thing the new monkey did was climbing the ladder to take the bananas, but the remaining four immediately started beating and forcing it to go down. After several times of beating, the new monkey understood that it should not go up the ladder, although it did not know why.  After that, scientists replaced one of the old monkeys with a new one, only to be subjected to the same conditions as first replaced monkey, who even participated in the beating without knowing why. Thus until all first five monkeys were replaced with new ones all of whom went on beating other monkeys that tried to climb the ladder unaware of the reason. If we could ask the monkeys why they are beating the their matches who tried to climb the ladder? Their answer would be: we do not know, this is what we found our ancestors do. Thus… stupidity is made and we get such stupid monkeys, and similarly, humans are tamed in the new world order!!     

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