Putin accuses U.S media of changing facts

During a discussion in the forum of Petersburg, president Putin gave the famous American journalist ” Fareed Zakaria” a diplomat rebuke in response to a question about  the candidate Donald Tramp, as Zakaria asked Putin saying:” you have described “tramp” as a genius, talented smart man , I would like to know the qualifications that made you describe him like this?” Putin straightened up to answer Zakaria with what seemed a direct rebuke than an answer saying: “(why do you change facts?) I never gave Tramp any qualification, I only said that he is an upstanding personality – isn’t he so? then it caught my eye that Tramp announced his readiness to resume the American-Russian relationships and we welcome that but it seems that you don’t “. this media incident reveals how biased the American media is , as it resorts to changing facts deliberately or to incorrect interpretation just to achieve its aims.

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