?! Even Erdogan’s university diploma is forged

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung questioned the legitimacy of the university diploma that Erdogan hold . The news paper revealed that Erdogan has graduated in 1981 according to his official résumé  whereas the university he graduated from was established in 1982 , and that is a year after the date stated in his certificate . In case it was proved that Erdogan’s diploma is really forged this will mean that the Turkish president hold his office illegally  as the Turkish laws obligate the president to be an alumnus of a university or an institution of higher education .The newspaper pointed that Erdogan never applied the original document of his diploma when he ran in the presidential elections  and only settled for asking the president of Marmara university to publish a mere copy of the diploma . besides the newspaper pointed that the name of the university on that copy differs from that mentioned in Erdogan’s Curriculum vitae  

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