A Mathematician” Innovates an Equation to Eliminate ISIS”

Physicist Neil Johnson, a prominent lecturer at Miami University, succeeded in developing a mathematical equation to destroy “ISIS” by adopting an accurate “Logarithm” that speculates and anticipates the behavior of the organization and its supporters and the way it works in order to frustrate its projects, according to the Spanish Newspaper “El Mundo”. Nicholas Velasquez from the University of Miami, one of the programmers participated in the project, stressed that collecting and specifying the number of these pages and websites since 2004, in cooperation with Russian specialists, allowed the detection of more than 196 pro-ISIS groups that have about 109 thousand followers or subscribers.

By studying and analyzing the content of these groups and the way they interact by depending on the technologies of natural science, mathematics, physics and their laws on one hand, and the laws of social science on the other hand. The scientific team succeeded in developing a mathematical “Logarithm”  that is completely capable of dealing with the members of terrorist networks and ISIS’ supporters, especially following up and counting the dramatically increasing number of on the internet and social media.      

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