Scientists the mankind enters the sixth stage of extinction


Members of the international group of scientists and researchers reached to the data indicating that the planet of Earth currently entered in the sixth stage of the extinction of living creatures, stressing, that  “the reason of killing of plants and animals lies in human activity.”

The scientists discovered “that the world has passed through five periods of extinction. The results of  scientific researches have showed that the first of these stages began before 450 million years, and the last occurred just before 30 million years, pointing to distinctive signs of rotating stage of extinction, and it is disappearance of  a large number of organisms. 

Statistics indicate that about 17% of birds and 30% of the organisms in the hydrosphere are under threat of total extinction in the current time, and even though that man as a kind of organisms did not extinct during the previous five stages, but this time did not rule out to happen that.

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