“Moscow” frustrates Washington’s attempt to implement plan”b”

The Russian newspaper “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” has addressed the visit of the Russian Defense Minister to Syria, pointing that the air-space forces are still intensively shelling the non-appeasement opposition. The newspaper said that U.S continue to implement plan”b” by guaranteeing the political-military support to what it’s so called the moderate opposition in Syria, and by practicing political pressure on the Russian leadership. Besides that , the “CNN” has said according to a source at  the pentagon that  Russian aircrafts ” had carried a series of attacks on the sites of the militants  that the U.S backs near to Al-Tanf camp, 6 miles northern Jordanian borders .on the other hand, the daily telegraph explains the pentagon’s resentment of the Russian aircraft activity in Al-Tanf camp area by saying that the Russian air force preceded the American airplanes to the area and “was able to destroy  the base of the rebellious pro-western  “New Syrian Army” , and was able to eliminate half members of this non-appeasement group, and that was coordinating its efforts with the special  British-American-Jordanian forces  that fight ISIS.

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