NASA announces bout vacancies on Mars

US space agency, “NASA” published a series of posters, which announced job postings on the surface of Mars, and these colorful drawings characterize by  their advertising attractive design, to proclaim during them   about availability of jobs for teachers, researchers, farmers and other professions, and NASA” cost “a group of artists in 2009,to work on these posters for display them at the Kennedy space Center, and the content of the posters aims to explore the space and imagine of the human to form of life on the surface of  Mars.

And “NASA” began by using these stickers to promote space tourism as well, and help people to imagine the future of the space, and these functions allow on the surface of Mars the  enjoyment with seeing the solar system from the heights of the mountains and see the two planets  of “Phobos and Deimos” as well as to work at night on the surface of the planet of Phobos, where “NASA” will offer an office overlooking Mars  from Phobos, and   “NASA” issued earlier in   2015, the three-step plan to colonize the planet of Mars through the “journey to Mars” and  it expects that these colonies do not  exist before   /2030./

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