Innovating a miraculous electronic chip

Scientists invented in California  an electronic chip containing a thousand programmable independent processors, and it is  the highest number to the number of listed processors through the  electronic chip.

This chip is known as (KiloCore) and the chip can do with (1.78) trillion calculations per second, and  it contains 621 million units tranny.

Bevan Bass, the commander of innovative team  of the chip said: “This chip is the first chip to our knowledge . It  contains a   thousand processors in the world, and there are the most  accurate  designed processors to work for hour, while other multi-processor chips are designed. Their  number did not exceed 300 processors ” .

The researchers confirm  that the chip( KiloCore) can carry out the instructions carefully and high efficiency more (100) times than new laptop`s processor, and the chip can use in processing the video and encryption, as well as the  processes that involve  on  a large number of parallel data, such as processing log of the data center

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