Discovering Stem Cells Age Three Hundred Million Years

A group of paleontologists, under the supervision of Alexander Hetherington from Oxford University, discovered fossilized remains of plant stem cells age 300 million years. They also discovered coal balls, which go back to the Carboniferous Age in a group of locations next to Lancashire in Britain that contain well-preserved remains of plant stem cells. The stem cells in meristem, discovered by scientists, were of different sizes; indicating that they were still in the growth stage.

The meristem, discovered by scientists, was named “Radix carbonica”,  in which the organization of stem cells is not similar to any other known organization. It is noteworthy that many studies have proven that natural plant stem cells, derived from apples, grapes and argan tree (argania spinosa) contained in luxurious and international medical cosmetic preparations, protect, freshen and renew the stem cells in our skin.

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