Can the king of Jordan Bite Off More Than He Can Chew

If the Jordanian terrorist, who broke into the intelligence headquarters in the spot and killed employers, had crossed borders into Syria, killed Syrian soldiers or blew himself up in a Syrian hospital, his photos would have been published  (as a martyr) in the Jordanian newspaper. However, the Jordanian terrorist (Al-Sabawi) chose to strike the Jordanian intelligence headquarters (other than the Syrian)…. So, all Jordanian newspapers condemned the killer and his father appeared on television not to receive congratulation and condolences, but to condemn his own son and demand his execution. On the contrary, the son of a Jordanian parliament member who his Medicine studies in Ukraine to blow himself up in Syria had his father appear on the Jordanian television while receiving condolences.   

However, will the King of Jordan remember that biting off more than he could chew i.e. “Supporting terrorism and denouncing it at the same time” is impossible? Could the proverb “He who makes poison shall taste it” be applied on Jordan, the sponsor of military training camps that are managed and funded by Saudi Arabia for producing terrorists to be sent to Syria?

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