the worshipful ascetic

Imam Musa al-Kazim (peace be upon him)was walking in the alleys one day then he  heard Magna singing emitting from one of the houses, and in the meantime, a girl came out, Imam stopped and handed  her then asked her, saying: Is homeowner free or slave ?  .

She said wondering: he is free, said Imam: you ratified ,If he was a slave, he would  fear  his master, the girl returned and the owner of the house and his name  is ” Bishr ” asked her about the reason of her delay, she said, a man passed and asked me:  Is homeowner free or slave?

Bishr said: What do you answer? The girl said: I said to him he is free. He said to me: you ratified. If he was a slave ,he would  fear his master.

Bishr thought, and felt with words shaking his depths, he went behind the imam barefoot to announce his repentance and his return to the embrace of religion and faith, and since that day he is called Bishr al-Hafi and he became famous among the people with his asceticism and worship.

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