Scientists reveal a reason for the cases of comprehensive destruction on the ground

It turned out to American scientists from the “Vanderbilt” University in  state “of Tennessee, “that the first comprehensive destruction on the earth to biota occurred in the Ediacaran era 540 million years ago while bacteria only was living on Earth.

Living particles that were living in the  Ediacaran era have been characterized with great diversity, and   these particles spread  in around ground 600 million years ago and were then on the form of tablets, tubes, bags, and after passage of 60 million years nearly another form from life forms appeared on our planet  and  it is cell unilateralism organisms and they played a role of environmental engineers where they made the environment Inappropriate for particles of Ediacaran period. The appearance of new organisms exactly  became  a key factor led to a comprehensive global changes on the ground and cases of comprehensive destruction .

Decimation of Ediacaran era shows what happens at the emergence of living organisms able to reconstruct environmental regulations radically. It is considered that the emergence of bacteria that live with photosynthesis is that  led to increase the proportion of oxygen in the air, which led to the destruction of many of anaerobic organisms, and this is another example on the  environmental engineering.

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