The Guardian : reveals sale line of weapons from Eastern Europe to Syria

The British newspaper of “The Guardian” revealed at flow lines of arms from countries of Balkan  to the terrorists   in Syria where countries  of   Eastern European acknowledged bargain to sell arms   by more than a billion dollars  with the countries that ship  arms to terrorists in Syria  .  the doubts spin that most of these weapons  send  to Syria to ignite the circle war there according to what “the Guardian” quoted for reporters in network of Balkan “investigative journalists ” and   project  of investigation of  the “corruption and  the organized crime.”

Through analysis of data of United Nations, and tracking  the  aircrafts and contracts of  weapons and data of  export of arms  over one year  the journalists could know how weapons send east from Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Montenegro, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania, since 2012 with deals up to “1.2” billion euros, which these weapons usually draw  to  inside of  Syria through two main military rooms of operations they are “Almog” and “Moum”, these weapons use by ” Al-Nosra Front,” and organization  of “Daash.”

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